The almond syrup discovery

This is the story…

Reading the “Triffid Hunter’s calibration Guide” about heated bed and ABS, I found this link where some guys are talking and experimenting with ABS juice and sugar coating.

I thought that sugar coating was the best thing to experiment with and after some tests I ended up that was not sufficient because we need something more strong. Anyway the interesting aspect of sugar coating is definitely that: it works. Now, after that experience, I tried something different (with sugar in mind), and finally done some tests with the almond syrup. It’s easy to understand why: is liquid enough and is sugar saturated.
To compare my resaults with your, I would like to listen about your experiences with almond syrup whenever you will do them. So please, let’s experiment togheter!
I think it’s possible to use any kind of syrup and maybe some “coke” and similar drinks.
But let see…

How to use it!
  • Clean your plate. I tested the almond syrup on kapton tape and glass. Best resault on glass
  • Heat your bed at 80˜90°C
  • Mix the almond syrup with really a little quantity of water, just for add a little hydratation
  • Using a little brush, put on the plate a thin, very flattened, layer of the mixed almond syrup
  • Soon become solid and almost not sticky
  • Print with your usual settings for ABS. (ATTENTION: never use cooling fan)
  • When the print is over, let cooling down or immerse into water
  • Repeat for a new print

And that’s all folks, hope to read about your experiences soon.
Davide Ercolano